Otskanuri Sapere 30.00 euro

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Dry Red Wine
Grape: Otskhanuri Sapere
Taste with meat, vegetables and greens

Imereti, Georgia
Winery Khareba

0,75 L Alc 12,0%

Dry red wine made in Qvevri ( clay jug ), from Otskhanuri Sapere sort of grape. This grape variety is cultivated in Imereti region – West Georgia. It is prepared by particular way such is selection of grapes in vineyards, after that the grapes are selected grains after grains in the cellar and undamaged, healthy grapes are put into the Qvevri for alcoholic fermentation.
The wine has a darkc pomegranate color, with remembering distinctive boucuet and harmonious taste. Best reserved at +16+18